An Electric Eco-Friendly Rolls-Royce?

April 23rd, 2011

Yes for a  few million bucks you can have one too, at least a prototype. Who would have thought someone with that kind of extra green cash would give much thought to a fuel saving eco-lux land yacht. Well apparently some do. In a 4-23-2011 Wall Street Journal, titled The Face of Green, the paper cited the 6,000 pound, battery operated, e-machine by Rolls-Royce.  The article claims even wealthy auto buyers have a multitude of motivations including being socially conscious and concerned about the earth. Read the full story.

Eco-friendly automobiles will continue be hot new offering from all the auto maker as all income consumer sectors seem to be desiring to be more responsible citizens, buy green and consume less fuel.

But, just how green will the auto buying market go? Will they care about the sustainability and full-cycle of the product they are buying? Will they demand eco-friendly flame retardants that could save their lives and will the release of carbon emissions from auto manufacturers be questioned?

Let’s hope so. Tell us what you think.

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