Not Your Father’s Chemical Company

January 28th, 2011

Green chemistry

Most of us were raised to think that certain industries are just a necessary evil, like chemical companies. Dirty, scary, and liable to put things in the ground, air or water that were not good for us.

In reality, many of these companies have not only joined the green revolution, some of them are actually leading it with new innovations and by investing millions of dollars in research. This dedication to find new solutions not only makes life better, but it is keeping us safe.

Here are just a few green technologies and initiatives from a new generation of chemical companies.
Albemarles‘ Earthwise division is making green flame retardant products that go into electronics and furniture to keep us safe from fires.

Eastman Chemical company bets on green chemistry and launches a material used to make plastic products that are free of bisphenol A (BPA).

Dow Chemicals commits to a five-year partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Its aim is to create a set of tools and methodologies other companies can use to integrate the economics of ecosystem services in business decision-making.

The lesson here is chemical companies and the innovations they contribute to society are vital to quality and healthy living. Just because we think something is true, it may not still be true.  Know the scientific facts, not just what someone may have told you.

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